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Project CARS Interview at VVV Gamer
Other | Project CARS | By Paul on 11 May 2013 14:06

The team over at VVV have posted an interview with Andy Tudor, who is the creative direct for Project CARS.

The interview is well worth a read over at VVV.

Both NFS Shift games were criticised by the simulation racing community for poor car handling and controls. What have you changed in the approach to CARS to improve in these areas?

So with the Shift titles we were obviously moving iteratively towards a more 'sim' style title. Shift 1 was the introduction of circuit racing to the previously illegal action/arcade titles from previous years. Shift 2 then introduced the 'Superman versions' of road cars with GT3, GT1 and other forms of real motorsport with Drift, Drag, Time Attack, and Endurance. Each step of the way we were also adding more depth to the physics, handling, controls, options, and general realism whilst still maintaining that core experience of 'what it really feels like out on the track'.

Compared to existing sim racing titles at the time though we still had a number of steps to go in terms of audience expectation on what they believed were key differentiators between the Shift titles and what they were used to and we appreciated those and have taken them on board wholeheartedly for Project CARS.


I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming game of 2015, as have already pre ordered the game at https://www.instant-gaming.com/fr/456-acheter-cle-steam-project-cars/ . – watsoncromi 03-Feb-2015
I seceahrd a bunch of sites and this was the best. – Mary 05-Jul-2013
Toss up between #8 and #18, but I would have to go with eitehr #12 or #21 and then sell it to get both of the others with money to burn on more things. I am a fan of tuners HUGE fan. though I can appreciate muscle cars, and would pick a Gallardo, or Bugatti Veyron Super Sport over any of these!! – Pipin 03-Jul-2013
#11 all my life I have always waetnd a Boss 429 no it does not handle the best it isn't the absolute fastest. but It shakes the ground and rattles the windows when it goes by. That's good enough for me. For sound, when you hear it, it puts a chill up your spine. Oh and to raise anyone's blood pressure, giving the girls a ride one at a time and even in the car maybe lmao – Anderson 02-Jul-2013
That would be me. Someone just asked me if my car and bike were on the chive, and I had no idea this site existed. Came here and loekod through a few albums, truly made my day to see this. Since this picture was taken, I changed a few things with the Camaro. It's a bit lower and on Prostars now. The bike remains the same. I'm really curious where the picture was seen before submitted here.. – CityPc 02-Jul-2013
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