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Project CARS: Build 447 Released
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 24 April 2013 22:02

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 447 of Project CARS, making various improvements and changes to the sim.

As usual, you'll need to download from the WMD Portal.

Make sure you visit our Project CARS game profile for much more content on this sim, and you can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Build 447 (12/4/13, Team Member+)
* Adding new render state alphatest_phase1_nowrite this basically allows us to be able to render the clouds in phase1 to the phase1 rendertargets while not rendering to the depth buffer
* Code change so that all sharedrender structures use the same CRenderablesProcessorManager for rendering
Track Cameras:
* Move centre camera pos to end of enum to fix problems with configs using hardcoded numbers
* Remove unnecessary initialised variable from WeatherForecast and replaced by BArray::IsInitialised
Debug Menu:
* Debug menu modifications to provide improved interaction with envmaps, including ability to modify LOD scale and LOD range, and to snapshot each individual env map. Also protected against NULL pointer crash when exiting race with env map display enabled
* BMW M1: New compound to help this car feel more convincing. Chassis, gearing,setup changes to suit. Dropped inertia of the main chassis
* GUMPERT apollo: Updated some physics data from Sport Auto test
* Terrain materials: Testing a mix of high collision friction and resistance in gravel
* Heusden: static emap position updated
* Rouen: static emap position updated


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