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Project CARS: Build 439 Released + New Screenshots
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 7 April 2013 17:10

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 439 of Project CARS, adding the classic Spa circuit and making various physics improvements to the game.

A full list of changes can be seen below - and you'll need to download via the WMD Launcher.

We've also added 88 brand new, impressive community screenshots which you can see on the Project CARS game profile.

Build 439 (2/4/13, Team Member+)
* All chat message api functions (first pass)
* Fix for static environment face update rate – the recent envmap refactor had a missed setting making the rendering of the static envmaps 6x slower
* Weather config tweaks for localisation
* Bump steer fix on the struts for Evo FQ400, Boss 302R, Focus RS, Pirault Mega. Camber exploit fix applied to those and the Racers
* Rainy 2 wtc added. Please remember to delete the contents of \Documents\Lighting Edits\CARS if you used my work around for the missing file in build 438
* Lakeville: Update for GP, further updates on inner and outer terrain and materials adjustments on scene, swapped 3D sprite trees to 3D ones
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New basic AIW for the recent changed geometry. Also fixes AI slowdown in first corner
* Heusden: Fixed shadow and terrain issues. Missing assets added, tarmac strips darkened, red boxed added
* BMW M1: Adjustments to chassis. Set motion ratios at a more realistic .75 front and .75 rear , Adjusted pushrod angles to match this to get shock speeds closer to real. Adjusted all spring rates and damper rates to work with these new ratio’s. Steering lock upped from 20 to 30 degrees and steer ration tweaked. upped FFB tire force fraction. Some chassis balance work to suit. No tire changes
* BMW M3 GT: Adjusted some texture sizes, minor spec map fixes
* BMW M3 GT: Fixed taillight illumination
* BMW M3 GT2: Texture size adjustments
* BMW M3 GT4: Fixed gauges lighting
* Caterham Classic: locked gear ratios at factory settings and added a new final drive ratio
* Ford Focus RS: New tail lights
* Lotus 98T: Changes to the pushrod postioning and steering ratio for new tire. slight adjustment for bump steer fix
* Lotus 78: New physcis to go with new tire. Motion ratios changed to a more reaistic .625 front and .75 rear. Spring and damper rates adjusted accordingly. Moved COP slightly forward to match comments about real car
* Lotus 78 and 98T: New tires that are more period correct. Removes the FA tire
* Ariel Atom 300: Switched compound to track_jadegreen. Effectively lower grip than previous
* Ariel Atom 300: idle throttle adjustment
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo: All interior/exterior gaps fixed. Added quick cockpit AO. Fixed cockpit lighting
* Cockpit exposure adjustment for most of the newer cars


did you catch my Wankel theme on #1, as for sound on #21 I actually like Mustang Cobras and, kind of, Lambos. They both have more bass in the note but Zondas (like TopGear poetind out) have the look of something out-of-this-world, like the K nigsegg, it\'s an exotic car/piece of engineering art – Billy 18-Jun-2013
#11 all my life I have always wnetad a Boss 429 no it does not handle the best it isn't the absolute fastest. but It shakes the ground and rattles the windows when it goes by. That's good enough for me. For sound, when you hear it, it puts a chill up your spine. Oh and to raise anyone's blood pressure, giving the girls a ride one at a time and even in the car maybe lmao – Vinay 18-Jun-2013
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