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Project CARS: Build 438 Released
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 2 April 2013 20:11

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 438 of Project CARS, adding a classical version of Spa-Franchorchamps to the ongoing development of the simulation.

You'll need to download from the WMD launcher as usual, and a full list of improvements is shown below.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for much more information on the game, including screenshots of the classic Spa from the latest build.

Build 438 (28/3/13, Team Member+)
* Doppler settings and dynamics of fly by refined
* Exhaust now responds to distance based echo (this is experimental)
* Experimental delay/reverb by distance settings for trackside cams. Effect is slightly exaggerated to assist audibility for testing
* Clear 5 wtc updated with recent weather edits including hortizon sky/emap boost, cloud fade and sun emap intensity
* Multiple changes to wtc files. Addition of emap sun multiplier to clear/cloudy settings to add more contrast to reflections. Addition of lower sky brightness boost to add more contrast and sheen to reflections and to add brightness and bloom on the horizon. Cloud distance fade added in multiple conditions to replace or aid cloud fog. Additional tweaks to balance the above. Addition of a new Rainy2 setting which is based on the recent Overcast2. All settings bar foggy, heavy fog, overcast and clear5 have been edited
* Happy Easter everybody!
* Linen background upgraded and all screens that reference it updated, news ticker now runs along the bottom edge, saving in Options/Online now returns you to the previous page, Remove Ghost button moved to left-hand tile panel, new disabled state for text so itís easier to read, Steam Community button added to top link bar, other minor visual improvements and bug fixes
* Many tire and setup changes to the BAC Mono, SP300R, JP-LM, Racer L4 and V8, Mustang Boss 302R and BMW M3 GT4. See Physics Releases post #53 for details
* Bathurst: Fixed shader technique on winebushes to avoid normal issue in Bathurst
* Bathurst: Adding possible missing textures for Bathurst
* Bathurst: Fixed 2 trackoft issues pointed out by users on Bathurst
* Heusden: Moved trees closer to track and added large tree to right of start straight approach
* Mitsubishi Lancer: Body Exterior LODX modelling done. Chassis/Interior gaps fixed on front windows


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