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Project CARS: Build 413 Released
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 25 February 2013 20:59

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 413 of Project CARS. This build makes various fixes and improvements to the game.

As usual, you'll need to download via the WMD Portal.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for much more on this game, and you can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Build 413 (22/2/13, Team Member+)
* Remove extra dialogue helper (fixes assign control bug)
* Added filtering for distance and experimental reverb settings
* Changes to pitch behaviour at low RPM speeds
* Bathurst: Replacement/update for foliage
* Bathurst: New 3D trees/bushes with selfshadowing for leaves, trunk, branches, volumetric shaded leavesclusters, transmissive effect added, new meshes, updated leaves texturemap, replaced bug-shader of billboard version, new LODB baked
* Ford Focus RS: fixed ID
* BMW M3 GT: Added 9 of the 10 remaining liveries + added black rims
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed clipping interior element
* BMW M3 GT: Changed tire textures to fictional ones + minor UV fixes

*Known Issue* Alt tabbing in a lobby will cause a crash once the race has been launched.

Build 412 (22/2/13, Team Member+)
* Fixed scrambled rendering when ghost was used in time trial
* Fix DEFAULT_MEMORY_POOLS compiler warning
* Fix for DX11 black dots on glass bug
* Fix for tyres/wheel shader causing frame-buffer NaNs (yet more black dots)
Command Lines:
* Modified -skipcrowds option to prevent it also skipping other animations
* Additional change to go with -skipcrowds switch, to fix assert when running second race
* BMW M1 Procar and Ford Capri: switched over to RBA-G tire carcass. Revised slick_purple to keep similar grip level
* Azure Circuit: New rascasse restaurant textures
* Azure Circuit: Reworked building 17 maps
* Azure Circuit: Moved blue17 maps to common
* Azure Circuit: Added lights near Rascasse
* Sakitto GP: Fine tuned the cut tracks futher in Spoon and 130R. Mostly made running wide in both corners more punishing


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