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Project CARS: Build 365 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 10 December 2012 00:00

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 365 of Project CARS, making various fixes and improvements to the popular simulation as detailed below.

You'll need to download from the WMD Portal.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for much more on this game, and you can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Build 365 (7/12/12, Team Member+)
* XSession is now created around single player Xbox 360 games (required for stat submit
* Implemented hiding of cars which have quit from multiplayer
* Fixed problems relating to setting Logitech active wheel range in combination with calibration.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed ‘edit controls’ screen not showing screen flow correctly
* Heusden: Added some assets, buildings, bridges
* Moravia: New mesh and interior for the main tower, baked lightmap for garage interiors + UV fixes
* Moravia: Textures update
* Milan: Fix some text ads on the textures
* Milan Short: Add latest assets from TomT and checked lod popping
* Milan GP: Add bridge6006 and stands03 and checked lod popping [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0]
* Milan: Added new textures for mz_bridge6006_loda
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Connecticut Hill: Updated LOD distances definition for crowds
* Harrison Pike Raceway: Placed flag wavers at grandstands
* Connecticut Hill: Placed flag wavers
* Derby National: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* Derby GP: Fixed csm and open ends on barriers/tyrestacks/armcos
* BMW M1: fixed inverted ride height sliders
* BMW Z4 GT3: added contest winning liveries
* Motec LCD colour & light switching using headlight toggle. Including display cycle using new input (no cars yet checked in)


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