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Project CARS: Build 282 Released + Community Gallery
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 19 August 2012 15:40

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 282 of Project CARS, improving various aspects of the game.

The full list of changes are below, and you'll need to visit the WMD Portal to download.

Furthermore, Slightly Mad have released the latest community gallery, showing some impressive screenshots taken within the game. You can view these here.

Controller settings will be lost with this update.

BStorage v1.1.1.0:
- Added missing memtraces
- Added BStorageMapping
- Added BitMask member type
- Added Enum member type
- Added Proxy Structures support
Downgraded a speech assert to a warning while it’s WIP
Updated ghosts to correctly use platform-specific online user id
Simplified HUD interface to put a flag icon on the track map – the new interface takes a 3D position vector directly
Added classes tracking vehicle state required for flag raising
Sending of flag raise and withdraw events
- Added initial BStorage support
- Migrated controller settings to read/write via BStorage
cVehicleSet changes to support BStorage read/write
Bathurst – add new textures for blackmarshal hut
Bathurst – New textures/PSD files. 1st commit
Eifelwald trees texture improvement, WIP
Belgian Forest – improve, finalise F1 pitbuilding textures
Add initial track camera sets for Eifelwald, Heusden, Monterey and Moravia. Very w-i-p, but better than nothing
Belgian Forest – add new textures – F1 pitbuilding
Lightglow_billboard.fx: change distance formula so flares fade out in extreme closeups. First pass. Coefficients may need adjustment and some car art will certainly need to be tweaked
New Belgian Forest export
New Eifelwald export


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