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Follow up to yesterday's post
Game News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 18 August 1999 12:43

There has been a follow-up post to the one yesterday, see belows news:

We're expecting the release date to be first quarter 2000, certainly b4 the end of March.

I believe the code on display at ECTS will be quite advandced, but still a long way from a finished product.
Should be good to finally see it though...


Another piece of news, in PC-Gamer, I was reading about F1 Licences, and it said that 4 are given out for each Formula One year.

For the 1999 year it said that Grand Prix 3 has one, Official F1 99 has another, Psygnosis' F199 has the 3rd, and F1 Championship by EA-Sports has the 4th.

Apparantly EA-sports wanted an exclusive licence, but they did not get one.
Although it is likely that that game will be more of an arcade-simu instead of a true sim like Grand Prix 3.


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