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Project CARS: Build 272 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 5 August 2012 18:43

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 272 of Project CARS. A full list of changes is below.

You'll need to download the latest version from the WMD Portal.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for much more on this game, and you can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Build 272 (3/8/12, Junior Member+)

Adding trd properties to allow use to be able to specify the center of the track
Now able to set the center of the tracks for clouds and skyring
Added logging to session message manager
- HttpApi now has a Unicode interface
- Changed services using HTTPAPI so that they use the Unicode http api, instead of each service doing its own conversions
- The error message in case of invalid username/password will be much clearer
- Added compile-time defines to point the launcher to the dev server
- Added configurations that define these defines
Belgian Forest updated trees for paddock area
Eifelwald. Tweaked textures/PSD files
Badenring add viewer lights and fix positions few static assets for new marshal huts
Tweaked lights around pitbuilding to avoid dark areas
Adding spotlights to Badenrings
Launcher: new executables
Integration to handle new speech data format
BFC Kerb texture updates
Badenring add new and imrpove textures
Added new temp textures for Eifelwald, first revision
Bathurst 3D eucalyptus instances, statics and instances
Billboard bush instances for bathurst
Lotus 49: drag adjustment. top speed now back up around 190mph
BAC Mono: fix for tabs and spacing in the CDF (readability issue)
BAC Mono: re-balanced aero to factor in drag torque effects. Shift from 120% rear to ~85%. Small other setup tweaks to fit with this change. Wider tuning ranges
Eifelwald textures improvement
Connecticut Hill Added Track Centre Data to all TRDs for Cloud rendering
Pagani Huayra: Added support for custom liveries
Caterham Classic: Fixed overlapping front fender UVs + custom livery support
New Badenring exports
New Belgian Forest export
New Eifelwald export
New Memphis export
New Test Track export


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