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Grand Prix 3 Rumors
Game News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 24 August 1999 12:57

The Grand Prix 3 Rumors are of again!, this time with a post in a Grand Prix 3 Forum, supposedly from someone who has a Alpha pre-release of the game.

Here is the exact message:

Hi guys!

So there it is the most comprehensive game on earth...GP3!
Iīm holding one of the pre-alpha versions in my hands.
You will ask from who I have got it!
It was a near friend of Geoff himself who posted me this game. I know this guy for 10 years!

So now to the game and its features:

1) rain conditions available, also semi-rain conditons.
2) itīs unbelievable how real Geoff made the rain squirting onto your helmet.
3) pace car phases, blue flags, yellow flags.
4) there is a painting editor inclused.
5) you will need a PII 300 MHZ at least with a Direct3D card, 64 MB RAM
6) it will be available: even Geoffs friend coulnīt tell me the exact date of the release but they try to release the game rather far before the christmas buying season! So I would suggest around the 22nd of November.

So, now I have to go back playing the game of the games GP3! Sorry that I cannot tell you more now about the game but Iīm so exited. Iīm playing this game since Friday and itīs unbelievable good!

So if you have more questions, just dare to ask me.
Yours Luke

There is no way of telling whether this guy is for real or not, but he will not reveal anything else, before Microprose/Hasbro show it themselves, or he will be in big trouble!

Another PC - Gamer post in forum, GP3 may not be released until March 1999, Grand Prix 3 based on 1999 season


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