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F1 2012: Windows XP Not Supported & Interview
Game News | F1 2012 | By Paul on 14 July 2012 13:56

Codemasters have announced that Windows XP will not be supported for their upcoming F1 2012 game. This is because the game uses DirectX 11 which is not supported by Windows XP.

In addition to this news, Spong.com have released a new interview with Stephen Hood, who is in charge of the development for F1 2012.

SPOnG: What is the most significant change between F1 2012 and last year's title?

Stephen Hood (SH): The most significant change is a brand new visual style to the game. When you think about the money in Formula 1 and the technology, some of the set-ups the teams have are amazing. Some of the headquarters are visually stunning.

So, we've themed the front end around that this time around. We still have the cinematics such as the pit crew running out during pit stops. It's more like a TV presentation.

This suits the spirit of the game as while we're not trying to attract the casual gamer, because that makes it sound like we're trying to simplify the game, we're trying to say that where F1 2010 and F1 2011 were appealing to people who had a passing interest in the sport, with F1 2012 we're saying if you like racing games you're going to like this.
You can read the full interview here.

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This is ridiculous. There are a lot of people who still use XP. Please support XP! – nasos 01-Sep-2012
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