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Project CARS: Build 249 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 8 July 2012 21:27

Slightly Mad Studios have released a major new build (249) for Project CARS, adding the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife to the game.

You'll need to download it from the WMD Downloads Page.

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Build 249 (6/7/12, Junior Member+)

Please completely uninstall your current build before using the new auto patcher

Auto patcher implemented to the server
Fixed problem with BStrcpy parameters. – Added Fanatec SDK include paths
Initialise network systems on XBox and PS3. Enable DS manager on all platforms
Fix for inaccurate mouse pointer in 5:4 displays
Fix for enviroment time not reseting when when moving between tracks and frontend. Added in functions to clear the weather forecast
Fix for not reseting the timezone
Start of FrontEnd Garage overhaul
Clear exclusive GUI input when skipping login dialogue
Setting static emap camera to 30 meters in the air
Added in a SSAO Calculation before phase 2. This sorts out the shadows. Changes time rate in the FE to be 10 times realtime. Added in sky rendering to the forward render pass. Added in that everything thats marked to cast shadows casts shadows
FE time scaling set at real time.
Activate livery selection for car preview
Display correct car in preview on entering game
Keep ambient car shadows on all the time.
Bring car preview back once coming back from race
Fixed aspect ratio on garage scene
Reseting the date and the long an lat when entering the FE
Straighten front wheels in GUI scene
Ultra models in the gui
Reseting the track rotation offset. Setting time of day to midday from darrens suggestion
Gravel overspill sound now plays when leaving gravel traps (volume needs balanced). Added new parameters to the material audio mapping and surface config to help tweak the values
Adding Launcher (Patcher) ISS script template and updating main install one with changes required for content installer
Belgian Forest – update trees and crowds for new terrain
Lowered Lotus 49 default setup steering ratio (now 9.4:1)
FE garage cam clipping through scene fixed for 4:3
Belgium Forest: Changed woods to white
Belgium Forest: Repositioned crowds on KemmelBridge so as not to intersect with the ground
Belgium Forest: New textures for KemmelBridge asset
Removed garage scene movies as they are no longer used
Art-side fix for badenring 200m dynamic marker crash
HIDE MENU button added to Quick Solo page, Help moved to specific Info page which is where the Credits will ultimately go also
Adding Huyara turbo spool and dump sounds
Added Eifelwald track
New Belgium Forest export


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