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Project CARS: Build 244 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 30 June 2012 19:01

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 244 of Project CARS, adding the 2013 Pagani Huayra to the simulation as well as the usual long list of fixes and updates (shown below).

To download build 244, you'll need to visit the WMD Portal Downloads Page. We've added some screenshots of the new build here.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for much more on the game, and you can also keep up to date with all the sim-racing news by following us on Twitter.

Fixed more typos for live variable MinOffPathWetness name
Fix SubTick to use dt instead of mDT
Added Ctrl-D and Ctrl-U debug rendering pages for new dynamics
Online source structure cleanup, the last big chunk:
- Moved all Dedicated Server and Session/Game Management classes from Authentication to OneSock
- Changed interfaces of all moved managers so they are no longer PC-only
- Console implementations are empty so far
- DS and Session Managers no longer send messages to the Application queue, they report state changes and updates by registered callbacks instead
- The Online layer (currently still in the Authentication library) implements the callbacks. For now the callbacks just send events to App (98% compatible with previous version)
Fix for FE condition not getting set up.
Race audio is muted when replays are going backward, to avoid the audio artifacts that were appearing
Add loading screen applinks for track image, logo and map
Lock out both tracks and vehicles not supported based on server versions
Updated testing code to match Online refactor changes
Integrated some CLs for Car Preview
Tidying up some test code for car preview
Additional submission for car preview (non-functional in game yet)
DX11 specific fix, enabling CPU to modify a texture the black transition texture was being created internally and written to by the menu code, but didnt have the correct settings to allow this. In DX9 it ignored it, but in DX11 it asserted
Belgian Forest: New bake
Belgian Forrest:Fixed nmp to display correctly
Removed textures no longer used in wtc. console specific also
Engine braking adjustment for Asano X4, Asano LM11, Caterham R500, Formula A, Formula B, Palmer JPLM, Lotus 78, Lotus 98T, Racer L4, Racer V8
Vehicles: Now using LODD at 50m+ distance
User interface Updates and fixes to the Login, MainMenu, Quick Solo, Track Select, Loading, Pause, Instant Replay, Event Complete screens and new web shortcuts to our social feeds, and the WMD Portal
Pagani Huayra textures. Diffuse texture update for chrome and glossy metals
Added new temp conc wall barriers textures for Azure Circuit, first revision
Static file-Removed some temp barriers around the anthony noghes curve, Azure circuit
Lotus 49 textures. Darker diffuse for better chrome and very glossy metals
Formula Rookie: added new livery
New Northampton pit area textures
Azure Circuit. small changes for the new loft tweaks
Add loading screen applinks for track image, logo and map
Belgium Forest updated trees and crowds for new terrain
Hide loading screen track map, logo and image to make pop-up less noticeable
Physics settings for ambient and track temps added, as well as wind speed
Modified lightmap shader to ensure it cannot possibly result in a divide by zero. This reduces the maximum light strength possible to 100, which seems plenty strong enough to me
Removed some pakfile entries which are in the bootsplash phase and permanently loaded, so not needed elsewhere. This is the cause of the pakfile assert which occurred in debug builds
Placeholder sky texture added
Fixed update tool launch for profile removal using temp files
New Atom Mugen export
New Azure Circuit export
New Belgian Forest export
New Northampton export


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