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Project CARS: Build 221 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 28 May 2012 21:43

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 221 of Project CARS. The full list of updates can be seen below, and to download you'll need to visit the WMD Portal.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile for more on this game, and you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter.

Build 221 (25/5/12, Team Member+)

Increased number of LODs allowed from 3 to 4
Updated processing of terrain triangle edge collision constraints, which don’t satisfy the removal condition. Such constraints have primary axis adjusted to be equal with triangle (i.e. terrain surface) normal
Game manager WIP:
- Added GameManager class, responsible for creating/joining/leaving game sessions and maintaining their state + member information
- Added GameAttributes class, keeping game session attribute state (also used when creating or searching for sessions)
- Implemented low-level join, create and leave requests and response handling.
Ghost system:
* When a stat is uploaded and a ghost is not requested from the server, the ghost system will be informed about it, so that it can remove the data from memory (which it was keeping for the case it’d be needed for upload)
* Made Ghost manager’s physics callback a member function.
* Recorder now remembers whether or not the recorded lap is the participant’s best track or event time, so that it can later decide what to do with it
Ghost system:
* Runtime ghost format is now copyable
* Recording buffer no longer inherits from runtime recording format, instead it encapsulates it. This makes it possible to transfer ownersip of the recorded data
* Added functionality to save a recorded ghost to the local cache, replacing any previous (slower) version of the user’s ghost on the same track
* Added management of in-memory ghost data, including locks that keep it in memory while other tasks need it.
Ghost system:
* Added a define that I use in development to enable unfinished features (that may not function properly yet). The define is temporary and will be removed once the ghost system is in a more complete state
Removed experimental heating and pressure
Labels added to FOV and Min/Max Speeds sliders on Camera page
Added new Harrison HUD map
Added new Memphis HUD map
Tweaked pitlane on the HUD map for Harrison Pike
New Sakitto AIW’s for the new geometry changes. Updated grid sizes to 46 for the GP and East layouts, and 30 for West layout
BAC MONO: livery19
Added Delaware ‘temp’ icon for testing
Updated Memphis HUD map
Added placeholder track map for Delaware
Harrison Pike Raceway – add new textures for safer zone
New logo added for Delaware
Removed clutch position from CDV for specific cars, that are operated by 2 pedals during race
Added plms’ overcast, moved mine to heavy cloud. added cockpit exposure values back in from old wtc although they only work on helmet now
Ariel Atoms: engine braking adjustment to control lift-off oversteer
Added Loire National HUD map
Console specific settings for lens flare intensity
Stockcar90: Added red wheel variation
New Harrison Peak export


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