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F1 Racing Championship Review Posted
SRW Articles | By Paul on 6 April 2001 18:04

Here at SimRacingWorld, we have posted our F1 Racing Championship review, written by me. It's pretty lenghty (5-pages), but I think it gives you a good idea about what F1RC is like.
Here is an extract:

"In my opinion this game trounces the graphics of any of its competitors, they are simply awesome! The graphics in F1RC make the graphics of GP3 seem like something out of the stone age. Running at 1024x768 in 32bit colour, taking advantage of my card's Transform & Lighting technologies, my Ge-Force DDR still gave an excellent frame rate, even with a lot of cars on-screen. The shadows are dynamic, so you'll see the shadows of the trees on your car, with small amounts of light getting through as you look down the track to see little, or no pop-ups of buildings, trees etc in the distance. Coupled with the supreme track-modelling, you wont want to put this game down."

You can get to the full article by clicking here.


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