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DIRT Showdown Preview @ Hard Reset
Reviews/Previews | DIRT Showdown | By Paul on 7 May 2012 22:26

Hard Reset have posted a preview of DIRT Showdown:

The first thing that really strikes you about the game is that its been well and truly Americanised. That isn’t as bad a thing as it perhaps sounds. The presentation is bold and punchy (the sound of pressing the Start button alone felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach), and the graphics are a feast. The sun setting behind the Golden Gate bridge looks fantastic, as do the car models as they slowly peel apart from all those “accidental” knocks. The game mode offered up is a hot-rodding/destruction derby hybrid, and delivers short bouts of overblown fun amicably. Slamming into the side of your opponent yields a satisfying crunch and some nice particle effects, as well as a “Brutal T-Bone” graphic smacking the screen in a way reminiscent of levelling up in Call of Duty.
You can read the full preview here and do not forget to view our game profile.


Sep05 their entire dfnseee was focused on trapping him when he had the ball and never letting him get that. that's why wade was more of a scorer in that series. the other series they tried to stop wade more than him. just look at the stats and you can see that. plus that it seems like erik spoelstra can't set up any plays. it's all in the flow of the game with wade and lebron, or isos or pick and rolls – Kalidou 07-Jul-2015
thanks Rod. I'm told that the truck driver was the one who claled the police, but I don't remember anything that happened after I was hit. The case between us is still open – Lionel 05-Jul-2015
VF5:FS for xbla psn, so awesome!! = ) Can you inudlce the VF5:R theme stages as DLC or unlock content? It would be very cool to see those stages. Also, please bring us Scudrace DaytonaUSA2:BattleOnTheEdge next!! = ) arigatou gozaimasu!! – Lilmislovely 04-Jul-2015
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