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KartSim Development Update
Game News | KartSim | By Paul on 2 May 2012 20:19

Zach Griffin, developer of KartSim, has posted an update on the current status of the game which was due to enter beta earlier this year.

Quick update on whatís happening. (Yes we are still working hard behind the scenes). This last month Zach had unfortunately hit a few barriers in the software he is using to make KartSim. Long story short, there was something affecting the performance of the physics model. In motorsports speak, we were bouncing off the rev limiter in top gear, couldnít go any faster.

The good news is in the last week Zach has made inroads into the causes and as a result we are back to testing as we were before, ironing out the bugs and making a few tweaks before the beta release.

In terms of release date, whilst I am in no way giving an official date, as this is really an unofficial KartSim post, from what I can see Iím confident that the beta will be out this year.
You can find much more about the game on our KartSim game profile, and don't forget you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


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