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F1 2012 Interview @ VideoGamer.com
Game News | F1 2012 | By Paul on 27 April 2012 14:34

VideoGamer.com have posted the first part of their interview with F1 2012's Stephen Hood. In the interview we learn some interesting information such as the new approach to the game's physics modelling in this year's title. The interview is well worth a read here.

SH: Well, we closed 11 out without a physics programmer, which is a bit of a problem on a racing game! We've got a really strong guy now who's looking into that. He's made some significant changes, along with some other programmers, to the physics engine. The nitty gritty of it is that we've changed the way the aero is working, we've changed the way the suspension is working - and the suspension and tyres are critical to feel of the car. Previously you might have been bouncing over the kerbs or driving along and the tyres weren't always in contact with the ground, they didn't come back down quick enough. But now when you update the suspension, it sounds a bit weird, but it's almost more compliant. The wheels are in contact with the ground a lot more and you suddenly get a lot more feedback. They're doing the right things, which means when it gets sent off to other departments, like the audio team, they're getting the correct inputs to their system. When you start to slide we can play the audio at the right point and you think, "Ah, I'm pushing the envelope here now". Previously, it wouldn't [work like that], they'd get these weird numbers and go,"When do we start putting in the screeching noise?"
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