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Project CARS: Build 197 Released
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 22 April 2012 00:00

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 197 of Project CARS. This build adds the Caper Stock Car, which is a 1990s NASCAR vehicle as well as various other improvements.

As usual, you'll need to download from the WMD Portal, and a full list of changes are shown below.

Don't forget to visit our Project CARS game profile, and to keep up to date make sure you follow us on Twitter.

Build 197 (20/4/12, Team Member+)
Known Issues: Helmet rendering is broken in DX9

Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start.
Helmet position adjustment for latest art
Updated layout of Fanatec SDK
Added in a new hdr scale for the cockpit bloom when using the helmet camera
Helmet shadow fix – no more using modified cameras with dodgy depth values
Add QR specific race manager files and limit rolling starts to tracks explicitly allowing it
Support for SMAA S2X in DX11
FXAA and SMAA can now be toggled on and off
TweakIt : Fixes a problem when sliders/values are updated after a connect has been lost, on reconnecting the queued values were sent to the new game app causing invalid de-referencing
Updated and improved textures and alphas for HUD maps
Stockcar initial 240 steering , alpha 1 animation pack
Added Badenring co-ords.
Stock Car engine set enabled; 215465 updated surface sound level; 215466 altered subwave volume curve and audio compression settings
Adding stock car AI sounds
Stockcar: quick collision update for floor level, fix for auto gears. Differential configured as a Detroit Locker with option to be fully locked by increasing preload setting
Belgian Forest – another fix for whitelines texture
Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start
Gumpert Apollo: test headlight projection texture replaced with a detailed one
Formula A: Engine idle adjusted to prevent stalling. Default gearing matched to onboard data from China GP
BAC MONO: New livery
Palmer JPLM: added support for ULTRA detail settings
BAC Mono: added livery 01 name
Palmer JPLM: checks/fixes + new WIP export
Caterham R500 – improved AO on all LODs, darker CPIT AO on windscreen, bug fixes
AI for Stock Car boosted with compression. Balancing adjustments to opponent car levels, plus other balancing changes
Helmetview: visor textures/materials tweaks, reduced scratches about +-20%, flipped text
Updated BAC Mono physics to data supplied by manufacturer
Helmetview: top part lighting/specular fix, visor tweak to look acceptable inside dark cars + overall materials polish
BAC Mono: all exterior mapped&textured, brake disc glow setup, lights setup, user flags checked/set, discs, calipers cloned around, overlay polys set, materials checked/fixed,etc
New map texture added for Belgian Forest
Formula A: pedal positions changed to keep driver’s feet within the car
BAC Mono: show steering wheel when driver is turned off
BAC Mono: Badges texture tweaks
BAC Mono: more glossy exhaust
BAC Mono – Reskinned LODC tires
BAC Mono: fixed RPM redline in cockpit display
Fixed typo in race strength which was causing AI to attept crazy cornering speeds and often flipping
New BAC Mono export
New Caterham export
New Palmer export
New Stockcar export
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Bologna exports


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