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rFactor 2: F1 2012 Release Mod Added
Downloads | rFactor 2 | By Paul on 19 April 2012 20:58

Today we have added a release version of the F1RL F1 2012 modification for rFactor 2, which allows you to race the cars from the current Formula One season.

The mod can be downloaded from here.

Don't forget to visit our rFactor 2 game profile, and you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


hi rfactor' is a reatil pc game (i got it for $10) then´╗┐ goto onlinedrifting . com or edrifting . net to download the mod for free (get any questions you might have answered there also). good luck! – Birgit 29-Oct-2015
the car is at 100% full wheel lock there i am using the rear wheels only (throttle + cltuch) to steer and control throughout that part of the section. if i pushed even´╗┐ the slightest bit harder i would have span. its hard to balance at that lock point, but when you know the car well its much fun try thanks for watching my friend. its a great sim by the way. – Fadwoi 27-Oct-2015
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