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Project CARS: Builds 159/160 Available
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 26 February 2012 00:00

Slightly Mad Studios have released the latest builds 159/160 for Project CARS, adding various improvements to physics and new support for Fanatec wheels. A full list of changes can be found below.

We have also added several fantastic looking new community screenshots which are available here.

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Build 160 (24/2/12, Team Member +)

- Added the notion of ‘fade level’ to BForceEffect, used as a secondary gain control
- Added the notion of ‘boost’ to AppInput::cForce. Used to promote one particular force above the others (0 = no boost – no change, 1 = max boost – completely silences all other forces).
- cForceSteeringSpring modified to include a ‘lock’ mode where the effect params are switched to emulate a bump-stop when the wheel lock has been exceeded.
- Removed cForceSteeringLock.
Disabled legacy deadzone helpers.
Removed ultra shadow option, until it can be properly debugged and reinstated taking into account the shadow changes
New Loire export

Build 159 (24/2/12, Team Member +)
Apologies – it appears the ultra shadow option is broken with this build, please use high instead

Severity of vehicle crash damage state is not decreased when vehicle collides with heavy dynamic object
Tweaked Logitech FFB kerb settings
Limit fallback AIs to race liveries
Increase freecam speed to compensate for changes to time steps – now correctly matches whether paused or not, and feels more appropriate for fast and slow modes
Disabled other uses of key combinations required by freecam when in freecam mode, to prevent accidental debug information etc
Changed shake effect code to properly reflect requested frequency, by not resetting to a movement endpoint on whole tick boundaries
Pre heat brakes to optimal values based on vehicle
Added PC support for Fanatec CSR, CSRE, CSW wheels using 911 as template – no per device button config applied as yet
Added undertray scrape audio volume
Ensure newer Fanatec controllers cannot match to older Turbo S wheel
Add profile option to toggle HUD map on/off
Completed last few remaining free-camera isses which were effected by pausing and unpausing the game.
Changed call to camera callback when paused to use core tick rate (180Hz) instead of sub tick rate (30Hz) as basis for the timer value, this fixes the camera speed changing when paused
Added custom Depth of Field mode
Enable camera editing when paused
Reduced effect of wheel to wheel collisions (and chance of them happening to the player)
Formula A, Formula B, TDX, Racer4x, Racerv8, Gumpert Appollo, Asano X4, F68, F77, F86, Kart, and Super Kart: Physics updates
Fixed trees cutting through wall at Bologna
Gumpert: excluded paint colours from AI races
Added fresnel/specular maps for all custom liveries
Vehicle client versions incremented in advance of Aries server-side leaderboard reset (physics/tyre changes)
Leonus F68: added metallic liveries + fresnel
Show Map on HUD added
Louder Caterham AI sounds
New Bathurst, Bologna, and Loire exports


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