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Project CARS: Build 154 Available
Game News | Project CARS | By Paul on 18 February 2012 12:22

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 154 for Project CARS offering many updates for the game.

The file can be downloaded from here.

The full changelog is detailed below:

Build 154 (17/2/12, Team Member +)

Changed Fanatec wheel default from 270 degree range to 900 degree range. This would be a problem if the player did not calibrate the wheel before driving
Removed memtrace calls from System Pool header expansion due to deadlock issue until they can be sorted properly
Fixed force effect thread crashes by implementing deferred creation/deletion of forces
Removed loading code for obsolete tracksglobal pakfile
Increased fidelity of replays for player and AI vehicles
Aries: Fixed memory leaks in Timings::ExportBestLiveLapData due to incorrect mempool overries
Ambient shadow height editing with F1 menu and reduced default to 5cm (from 25cm) to stop overlapping with bodywork
Camera / replay updates:
Physics tick and pause uses the same sync timer
Update camera using new metrics from physics
Physics sync timer uses app timer exclusively
Deprecated SetPhysicsClock no longer required
Detachable components and attached wheels are now regularly updated for AI vehicles
Detachable components are updated only once per simulation step.
Disabled automatic switch to “photomode” when pressing P – this stops the game pad right trigger from causing the camera to shoot into the ground if you hit P to pause the game
Increased number of op user channels from 12 to 13 to avoid crash occuring when changing window focus with certain wheels and recently added deferred effects deletion code
Corrected custom livery number for F68
Belgian Forest and Bathurst WDF edited and new textures added
Formula A: quick fix for offset sidepod collision mesh.
New livery for GUMPERTS
Increased far clipping dist for all cameras
Removed some understeer from the Kart. Increased front grip
New Caterham export
New California Raceway export


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