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Three Further F1 2011 Screenshots
Screenshots | F1 2011 | By Paul on 7 June 2011 20:27

We have added three further new F1 2011 screenshots today. You can check them out on the F1 2011 game profile.

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In reply to the OLD comment about john ccaamrk, well you obviously either forgot or didn't know that john ccaamrk also said ps3 is the more powerful system compared to 360 but the advantage 360 has is being easier to port to.He also said rage wouldn't run at 60fps on ps3. Thing is, years after that comment, Johnny boy is now eating his words cause not only does ps3 run at 60fps but runs better then the 360version in fps and the only way 360 can run at 60fps is with a full 22gb full install compared to ps3 8gb partial install.As for this game, the last of us.. you 360 boys seem to ignore that its Naughty dog you know GOTY with uncharted 2 and won award for most awards won in one game, best graphics, story etc etc. Same with uncharted 3 for getting GOTY from GT and best graphics, best story etc etc so I have complete faith in Naughty dog.As for 360..its best game in 2011 was gears 3 and that didn't win anything, heck it couldn't even hold down best 360 game and lost to Batman lol. So you 360 boys ain't in any position to judge on this game cause you ain't got anything even close to what Naughty dog has achieved.As for when this game is released? So what, we got starhawk, twisted metal released soon then the last guardian, god of war 4,syphon filter 4 to look forward to plus more unannounced games for end of year. So ps3 players have plenty of games to be cracking on with before this is released and that's not even including the multiplats, which ps3 versions get more content. So enjoy playing mw3, gears3 for the rest of the year till dum dum duuum another halo game is released lol.Oh and I forgot ps3 players also have dust514 to look forward to aswell.What was the famous comment 360 boys use to say? ..oh yes 360 is all about the games lol would help if you had any first lol.Even psn has better games than xbl aswell. So looking forward to jak and daxter HD collection end of Feb, CLASSICS! And again by Naughty dog.Oh and if you 360 boys reply with 360 sells more then ps3 cause you have nothing else? Well ps3 wins that aswell as ps3 out sold 360 worldwide in 2009,2010, 2011 and so far in Jan 2012. You can look it up on vgchartz in global totals.So you boys don't even have the sales pitch either apart from in North America only lol.Just saying! LolEnjoy!.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 7 votes) – Sonali 07-Jul-2015
No, it's not really as adecnavd as Expose, but still quite good, considdering it was the first implementation of such an idea. Expose clearly goes way beyond that in showing a more professional approche.Considering performance, well, Microsoft does not control the HW, so this has still to run without any 3D GPU, so, yes, it's slower then Expose. – Melania 05-Jul-2015
Servus Markus,unfortunately I have not the time to implement this at the monmet since I am developing a second widget for non WordPress users. But here are some ideas:There is the option to have the books either vertical or horizontal aligned, Maybe you want to add the widget twice.You can also modify the code, its Open Source under the MIT license. If you provide me a patch I will gladly include that option.Viele GruessePatrick – Agoes 04-Jul-2015
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