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WRC 2010 Preview @ Eurogamer
Reviews/Previews | WRC 2010 | By Paul on 6 August 2010 08:49

Eurogamer have posted a preview of WRC 2010:

It's also looking more and more like a success. At E3, WRC's handling had the right feel, but was often unpredictable. Weeks later in Milan it's taking shape beautifully. I try the game on Finnish dirt, Swedish snow, Jordanian sand and German tarmac, and grip is finely modulated, progressive and surprisingly subtle, with noticeable rather than pronounced surface feedback. The swishing, graceful slides on snow are particularly delicious and easier to control than some games' representation of power-sliding on tarmac. On a console pad, with some driving aids turned on, it's a surprisingly accessible; on a steering wheel (WRC will support every wheel imaginable) with the aids removed it will bite your hand off. But, crucially - and unlike, say, the difference between such set-ups in Forza 3 - it feels like the same game each time.
You can read the full preview here and do not forget to view our game profile.


SolidlyStated Do you have any other games installed that are woknrig with it? The wheel connects to Windows with DirectInput and that is what the game reads it from. You can open Windows game controllers and see if the wheel is woknrig.If you cannot select the wheel in the game, then you either 1- don't have the wheel powered up 2- don't have it installed correctly 3- need to restart the game if you hooked up the wheel after the game is launched. – Bishnu 18-Jul-2015
Erik First of all, I want to thank you for your efforts here. You have made a great guide that aelrady helped me alot. I can't get the wheel to work with Grid though. At first it wouldn't show up ingame. I googled a bit and had to change all the mentions of G25 to G27 in a key mapping XML file. I did this, and the wheel shows up in game. But the peddles still don't work Can't even get of the line now. Any tips/help you might have would be much appreciated.Btw, I have GRID on Steam. (not sure if that matters). – NWasen 17-Jul-2015
I know they're the Bronx Bombers, but maybe it's time they played a liltte small ball once and awhile. Last night's game was typical. Bases loaded, no outs, and they don't score. No only did they fail miserably, it was actually painful to watch. Why not try a sacrifice or squeeze play with a runner on third and less than 2 outs? It certainly couldn't fail any badly than what happens now. The fact that they haven't won a game yet the year that they haven't hit a HR is telling. It's time to try something else, becuase what they're doing now isn't working. – Armando 26-Aug-2013
Yup, that sholud defo do the trick! – Elpida 14-Aug-2013
Boy, I hope you're right. Because right now there's nothing that ieadcitns an offensive explosion. At least in 2007, when they're record was REALLY bad at this point, Rodriguez was putting up prodigious numbers. Right now, even those guys who are "producing" have stats that indicate flaws. The OBPs for Ibanez and Swish for example. The HR-RBI comparison (13-23) for Granderson. A-Rod and Cano's power numbers. And Russell Martin has become completely worthless as a hitter. Sure he gets on base, but he flat out can't seem to hit anymore. As shaky as Nunez is defensively, he has the potential to be an offensive force, but until his fielding average exceeds his OPS, he'll be in AAA. And the absence of Gardner has been even more of a factor than originally thought. The starting pitching, outside of Kuroda on the road, should be OK. May not have sub 3.00 ERAs, but at least it should give them a chance to win if they would at least hit the ball. – Sayuti 13-Aug-2013
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