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Welcome to SimRacingWorld Grand Prix 3!
SRW Site News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 7 January 2001 21:32

Welcome back to F1-GRANDprix3.net / SimRacingWorld Grand Prix 3!

As you will notice there are quite a few changes around here with the launch of our new network of sites, SimRacingWorld.

Instead I will tell you about changes to F1-GRANDprix3.net.

- Firstly you will notice the new design we have got. This is to fit in with the overall design of the SimRacingWorld network which is the same. This allows users to easily browse through all our sections without having to learn new navigation.

- For links that are related to F1-GRANDprix3.net, the left and right bars deal with that, however, if you want to visit other parts of SimRacingWorld, please use the new navigation bar at the top of this page.

- All the pages are the same, but the downloads system has changed. From now on, we have launched a dedicated site for the downloads, called "Grand Prix Files". The system is mostly the same, but there are a couple of differences. Firstly, you can now post comments on the files, e.g. what you'd like to improve etc. Secondly, you can now give the file a rating. When posting the comment you can rate the file out of 5 stars. This way, you'll know if you are downloading top quality software.

- Grand Prix Files also includes Grand Prix 1 (F1GP) downloads, from the SimRacingWorld network site GrandPrix1.com. We hope to expand Grand Prix Files to include downloads for many more games in the future. Please check the site out, we believe that it is the most interactive racing download site on the Internet.

- We've also launched new forums. Not much to say about these, but take a look at the new ones here.

- Other than that, there is not that many differences. .

Downloads will be here tommorow, i've been so busy with SimRacingWorld I've had no time at all.


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