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F1 2010: Spa vs Reality Video Added
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 19 July 2010 20:46

Following the F1 2010 Spa vs reality screenshots we posted a few days back, a video has been posted showing a lap around the track in the game vs real-life. This gives us a good opportunity to see how accurate Codemasters' tracks are.

Originally it was planned to laser-scan the F1 2010 tracks, however Codemasters eventually decided to use CAD and image data to create the tracks we will see in-game. You can see the comparison video here.

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Erik First of all, I want to thank you for your efforts here. You have made a great guide that aedalry helped me alot. I can't get the wheel to work with Grid though. At first it wouldn't show up ingame. I googled a bit and had to change all the mentions of G25 to G27 in a key mapping XML file. I did this, and the wheel shows up in game. But the peddles still don't work Can't even get of the line now. Any tips/help you might have would be much appreciated.Btw, I have GRID on Steam. (not sure if that matters). – Eedudinrindu 27-Oct-2015
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