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F1 2010: Multiplayer Developer Diary
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 13 July 2010 21:47

Codemasters' Steve Hood, aka T4RG4 recently tested the game's multiplayer with another developer and posted his thoughts on the official F1 2010 forums, which we have re-posted here on SimRacingWorld.

So a few of you asked for a write-up on the Multiplayer race Lee and I arranged this afternoon. I offer no excuse for the rushed piece you see below, it’s quite late here and I’ve got some stuff to do (isn’t that an excuse?). For some time we’d been saying we should try a full race distance MP event. Sure, a number of the QA and even a couple of the dev staff have run full distance races but Lee and I are competitive… we’d play it to win, not to test the thing.
It's certainly an interesting read and you can find the full article here.

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i know this sounds a bit exmetre, but i really look up to you. you spend a lot of your time recording and commentating your vids and they are so great to watch. when ive had a really bad day i come home, go on youtube and watch you and i speak for everyone now, you always put a smile on my face. not only are your vids awesome, but they're soooooooo funny. you do such a great job of entertaining all us youtubers and i just want to say thanx – Asma 18-Jul-2015
Sounds good.There are a few new revenue moelds around open source games that you may want to consider before you make a final decision on the licences for both the engine and the game itself however, they may make it easier to insure the future of the project should you wish to continue development of the game itself and any community that grows around it far into the future. – Eroxa 17-Jul-2015
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