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Odyssey X: More News
Game News | By Paul on 22 June 2010 00:00

A few weeks ago we brought you news about Odyssey X beta program, and today we can share further details about the new online racing game below.

Golvision Innovations, a consumer-based innovations development company, and experienced game developer Gametelligent, are proud to announce the development of Odyssey X for the Windows PC. The beta opens to the public in the fall 2010. Odyssey X adds on to the average racing experience by providing gamers with an avenue to create a stream of income by joining tournaments and various activities of skill throughout the virtual world. Gamers will compete against players from all around the world in high-adrenaline tournaments for prizes and credits. These credits can be cashed out at anytime giving the gamer the incentive to live a luxurious lifestyle not only in a video game but in real life. Unlike other online games, the sole theme and purpose of Odyssey X is to build wealth for the gamer in a fun, yet productive way. Odyssey X also features an ever-expanding virtual world. As more highway infrastructure, landmarks, assets, and activities are added to the game the world will continue to grow. “The key is for the world to continuously expand until gamers can race from Chile to South Africa.” said Larry Jean-Baptiste, Co-founder of Golvision Innovations. “Racers should be able to purchase homes and race within their geographical location with the ability to ‘migrate’ everywhere else in a seamless racing world.”
More news can be found on the official website. In a few weeks we will bring you some exclusive screenshots from the game here on SimRacingWorld.


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