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Pole Position Manager 2010 Preview Video Added
Game News | Pole Position Manager 2010 | By Paul on 9 May 2010 22:53

Today we have added a preview video for Pole Position Manager 2010, showing the game's setup options. You can view the video here.

Don't forget to visit our Pole Position Manager 2010 game profile for much more on the game, or to post your comments below and on our forums. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


egw tha proteina sto "aristera" afou koepsi tis kokes na allaxei parataxh kai na anoixei ta "Kentucky Pasokchicken" . Zhtw ta ellhnika proionta kai tetoia . Episis ithela na prosthesw oti o "Πιο πιθανόν να ήταν ο "μη λες τίποτα σε κατάλαβα απ' τη φωνή"" (vlepeis pws exw kleisei kai ta deutera autakia etsi , to perasa apo compiler to sxolio oxi malakies) einai o Robert De Niro . Euxaristw . – Angela 13-Dec-2015
I will try anything once, so I jneoid a pole dancing class with my sister as it was something we had never attempted before. At 38 years old, I thought I might be a bit ‘over the hill' for this sort of activity, but Claire was very accommodating and made everybody feel completely at ease! We found pole dancing was a very good way of keeping fit and we all noticed an improvement in our overall strength and muscle tone, although we did pick up some bruises along the way! – Tony 04-Jul-2015
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