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F1 2010: Handling Q&A at IGN
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 26 April 2010 22:22

Following last week's new F1 2010 developer diary, Codemasters have issued a press release (available here) and has also engaged in a Q&A session with IGN about the game's handling characteristics.

IGN: F1 2010's engine, EGO, has been used for a track racing game before with GRID. How much of that game's approach to handling informed this one?

Stephen Hood: I think from the very outset we knew Formula One needed a different approach. Whereas GRID dealt with a huge variety of vehicles, we were concentrating on a single type. This has given us room to rewrite particular areas of the car handling tech. Paired with all the technology on offer courtesy of earlier games, we're able to work with experienced driver Anthony Davidson to deliver a handling model that's predictable, consistent, authentic and completely engrossing.
The full Q&A session is available here.

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