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F1 2010 Interview at VideoGamer.com
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 10 April 2010 09:01

VideoGamer.com have posted an interview with Codemasters' Paul Jeal about F1 2010, due to be released in September.

Q: People who are into their racing games often get a bit obsessed with frame rates. You've got a frame rate of 30 fps, correct?

PJ: We made a decision early on to go for a solid 30. I think the quality levels of Grid and Dirt 2, the extra visual impact you get, for me that's a bigger win than the extra you gain from a higher frame rate. In addition to that we've obviously got more cars on track, we've got bigger garage crews, the crowds, the weather - and all these things are eating away bits of memory. To do 60fps was too much of a sacrifice.
Whilst the interview doesn't tell you much more than is already included in our SimRacingWorld F1 2010 preview you can read the full interview here.

Don't forget to visit our F1 2010 game profile for more information about the game, or to post your comments below or on our forums. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


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