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F1 2010: Multiplayer Details
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 19 March 2010 20:31

Codemasters have released details about the multiplayer aspects of F1 2010 in an interview with the website CVG. The main news is that multiplayer will only support up to 12 players.

Can you tell us in more detail what the multiplayer mode will entail?

Jeal: For a large part of last season we were going on the basis that there'll be 26 cars on the grid this season. We knew we could do more cars on track than that, but the problem is we want players to be able to pick their own car, and because a garage contains two cars, we didn't want people to join only to find they've been forced into a different model.

So we will probably limit it to the number of teams, so it'll probably be 12 players on course. But that's not locked down yet. And you'll be able to fill that with AI guys.

Why wouldn't you just give players the freedom to all be in Ferraris if they want?

Jeal: That's possible. But we don't want to lock it if that's the case. The idea is that if the players want to have 12 Ferraris that's possible. One thing we're trying to implement is taking the objective system from the single-player over into multiplayer. So you can race online and take something back to single-player.

What that means is rather than your best drivers using the best cars and disappearing off into the sunset, they might want to pick a slower car; they'll be slightly down on power and speed, but they'll get more kudos for their performance. The game might only expect them to come in eighth place from their rank and car, but if they over-achieve on that they'll get super XP to take back to single-player. So if you consider that, maybe the better players online will be in the worst cars.

What about actual multiplayer gameplay modes?

Jeal: There are essentially three main gameplay modes. There's a sort-of quick play match where you can jump in and have a few quick laps.

There's an endurance race mode that brings in more of the pit-stop strategy elements - eight laps, mandatory pit-stops. The strategy there is to avoid everyone going into the first corner and crashing, and then quitting out of the game because there'll be time to make up for lost positions. If you stop early you'll be behind but everyone else has to stop too, so it leads to some interesting scenarios.

And the third mode is custom, so whatever you want race wise, season wise, rain, laps, driving assists. You can do what you want so you're the host and you set it up as you want it to be.
You can read the full article here.

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