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F1 2010: Submit Your Questions!
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 10 March 2010 00:00

SimRacingWorld is attending an official launch event for F1 2010 next Wednesday 17th March. We'd like to invite you to submit your questions that we will attempt to put to the developers of the game.

More details and how to submit questions can be found from this page.

Don't forget to check out our F1 2010 game profile for more information on the game, and keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


If things change during the season( like drivers) will we be able to download the updates?
Are they bringing a new game out before the 2011 season or down loadable updates to the 2010 game with new teams driver changes etc?
Is there commentary?
They should get real F1 drivers to set lap times on the game to try and beat!! – Buzz wah 15-Mar-2010
when is the game going to be released for PS3. im dieng to get this game, love F1, i was overhyped when i was watching this years season and it got me more excited to gettin the game, even tho the new colours and teams this year may not be in the game cuz its the 09 season, but i cant w8 to play the game and race round Abu Dhabi. Lkin forward to it, plz tell fans a realse date cuz i (we) dnt wna w8 any longer, the suspence is killing me!!! – DanTheManTheF1Fan 13-Mar-2010
zal we nu wel het volklied heelmaal horen van de winaar
en zien we nu trofe – rik 12-Mar-2010
Why has the f1 2010 game been prosponed three times now? – connor 12-Mar-2010
zal je ook met nederlans Commentaar: Stefaan Lammens en Sammy Neyrinck zijn dan die dom engelse – jef 12-Mar-2010
is waar dat je met de pers kunt praten – dimitri 12-Mar-2010
doet de safety car ook mee in f1 2010 – dimitri 12-Mar-2010
Will the career mode be longer than 3 years? – Ashley Edwards 12-Mar-2010
will there be 2009 AND 2010 cars, are they goin to fit in decent commentary about new teams etc. , will there be a demo, are they gonna have tracks not on the f1 calender, do drivers change teams in manager mode, is there on online season which lasts for all the races, are the ai gonna crash at least 3-4 times in a race, is there gonna be decent help to give you the general idea of a good tuning steup, very good replay system?
is there gonna be a assist to tell you when to change gear, okay no safety car, but hopefully the cars arent gonna disapper when they crash, should be able to look at every car in replay system, a system that understands your driving style, heavily custmisable rule settings? for instance black flag,blue flag, red and yellow,yellow, if you crash it should show you highlights of how the race was won, disq from qualy should happen?, if there is a crash it should show the driver getting out, and stewards running help? how advanced is the update system what can be added to make it more exciting? – jack crawley 11-Mar-2010
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