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New F1 2010 High Res Screens & Info, Release Date
Screenshots | F1 2010 | By Paul on 10 March 2010 00:00

As promised, a big day for racing fans looking forward to F1 2010 as the game has now been officially announced by Codemasters. Here is all the information released today: -

* F1 2010 will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in September 2010.
* Two brand new high resolution screenshots of the game have been released, which are available here.
* As stated before, the preview screenshots include 2009 season cars and the 2010 cars will be modelled shortly.
* The game will be released just prior to the Korean Grand Prix, meaning that racing game fans will be able to drive the track before the drivers do!

Whilst this was the news officially released about the game, the following details have also emerged from Codemasters: -

* The game will form part of a yearly series, each year building on the previous title.
* F1 2010 is not based at all on the F1 2009 (Wii) code.
* The physics system has been completely re-engineered given the rule changes for the F1 2010 season.
* The Codemasters team are very proud of the dynamic weather system.
* Damage model is based on upgraded code from GRID and DIRT 2.
* Contrary to previous information, the tracks are NOT laser scanned but Codemasters is confident they have a track creation method just as good.
* Unfortunately due to time constraints a safety car & formation lap has not been included, but will be considered for future titles.
* A feeder series will not be included as the team want to focus on the main game.
* Split screen will not feature, development time has focused on online and offline multiplayer instead.

As you can see, plenty of information to digest and whet appetites. We will bring you more information as we get it - SimRacingWorld will also be attending an event for the game next Wednesday and will bring you updates and content from there.

You'll find more about the game on our F1 2010 game profile. Don't forget to post your comments below and on our forums. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter.


how hard can it be to include formation laps, seriously!? they have already prolonged the release one year and they did not have time!? realy!? they better deliver on there promise to give us a simulation! no more excuses! – octoberJackal 30-Mar-2010
With gt5 coming out around the same time i can see codemasters struggling to sell this game. No safety car, no formation lap! You want the feel of a real f1 race, and without those i think i'm gonna wait for gt5. – Lambo 14-Mar-2010
The safety car is what most people want and they say because of time. They have been working on this for over 1 year now and all what i can tell it is just a upgrade of 2006. – Ashley Edwards 13-Mar-2010
I am not to sure why there is a fuss about not including some features like Saftey Cars.......For me I am just very happy that we are getting a PC F1 Simulator.
I feel confident that CodeMasters will produce a great Simulator here especially when it will be in HD and use Multi Core CPU's, it should be great.
CodeMasters would have paid plenty for the F1 rights so they won't be producing a dog.

One thing I am hoping for is "NO BUGS" in the code.I would also love a 64Bit version.......
September is a long wait............
Austeve 13-Mar-2010
Well i guess its gonna be another open wheel grid shock – mikhail 11-Mar-2010
here we go. Whilst i agree the screenshots look great (but dont stills always look good?) already we are hearing the excuses coming from Codemasters. No safety car...no formation lap. So in effect then, its just an upgraded F1 game from the PS3 from 2006.
They have had over 2 years to implement these items, which, lets face it, are basic things given they were in F1 games dating as far back as 1997!
Codemasters asked the public from the off "what do you want to see in a F1 game" and the 'safety car and formation lap' were pretty much top on most people wish list.
I said at the time, they will deliberately hold bits and pieces back simply so they have something to sell next year and this is now proving to be the case. If you go out and buy this come September, DON'T expect much from the 2011 version apart from updated drivers and liveries...oh and now featuring "a safety car" wow!!!! certainly worth another 45 of my hard earned cash given the fact i asked for it in 2008.
This game will be good but nothing like what we are expecting, we wanted a sim and unfortunately we arent getting one. (how can it be without a formation lap and safety car?) – Paul K 11-Mar-2010
its good that were getting information on the game codemasters are amazing but i want a real sim not a game that you drift around the track the pics look amazing but i dont want the damage to be like other f1 games.when i crash i want my car to dissintagrate into little bit like a real F1 car and i want flat tyres to – Anonymous 11-Mar-2010
well this is and not at the same time the thing i was most looking forward to was the safety car and no formation lap f1 ce had one codemasters have be on this for ages they should include this and no scaned tracks WTF codemasters – RICHARD KNAPMAN 11-Mar-2010
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