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F1 2010 to be revealed on March 17th!
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 23 February 2010 21:22

Exclusive! Codemasters have confirmed to SimRacingWorld that their new F1 2010 game will be officially unveiled to the press on March 17th 2010 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - just after the start of the 2010 F1 season in Bahrain. More details to follow soon.

Check out our F1 2010 game profile for more information, and don't forget to comment below and discuss on our forums. Also, keep up to date by following us on Twitter!


Yo! I was wanting your oponiin on an 1/8 Brushless buggy. I like the HPI Vorza, but my budget is more along the lines of the Red Cat bacldraft. lol.. anyway I dont race, just bash, but I dont want junk. So any ideas?? Also a text reply is fine.Thanks man. – Ieguszi 29-Oct-2015
something that he did not like about a truck that he likes.One guy likes the savage line and he sees a negvaite savage review and he goes Bat S over a truck that he lijkes.Someone says something bad about a forum that another person likes so they go Bat S over that.There is nothing good gained from putting bad out. It mixes emotions with people. Ill post the good. – Guo 27-Oct-2015
My approach is silpme- if you see it on my vids then i recommend it. If you see me using it then it is becuase I feel it is of quality. I dont want to have 500 BS vids. Anyone can say something bad over the internet. i would rather have 500 positive vids and let people take the hint on the brands and products that do not make the cut.If I get something bad for a review then I send it back or dont do the review. That is me. I try to take the high road. – Murat 26-Oct-2015
When can we expact a official Demo of F1 2010? – F1 Fan 26-Mar-2010
New details are emerging on the canvas following the interview of Paul Jeal, producer of F1 2010. Get the F1 2010 Developer Diary Trailer 1 at:
www.techarena.in/video/34155-f1-2010-developer-diary-trailer-1.htm – joeyjuviyani 25-Mar-2010
If it doesn't come out soon, they'll have to rename it F1 2011!!!!! – dalinfin 06-Mar-2010
The Wii version is good so I recon this will be awesome.Not so sure about the online though – Buzzwah 03-Mar-2010
if past codemasters race games anything to go by then it will be pretty shiny and unbeleivably retarded and frustrating online – mikhail 25-Feb-2010
If the self-eponymous Codemasters doesn't do any better than they did with 'Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising' (a complete disaster that died an ugly death within a few days of its release), 'F1 2010' is doomed, I tell ya, DOOMED! – Toonces 25-Feb-2010
Oh man!!! I got excited for no reason – Angelo 25-Feb-2010
No, they are only going to bring the news that the game is coming. Probably with a video or screenshot. – Joost 24-Feb-2010
No - the game will be unveiled on the 17th (i.e. screenshots, videos etc) - It will be out around 2-3 months later! – PaulT 24-Feb-2010
So the game comes out the 17th??? – Angelo 24-Feb-2010
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