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New F1 2010 Details Next Month
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 16 February 2010 00:00

It seems the wait is nearly over, as according to the Official Xbox Magazine details about Codemaster's F1 2010 game for the PC, Xbox, and PS3 will finally be revealed in next month's issue - at least if the preview page for next month's issue is anything to go by.

It is likely that the details will be released to the mainstream press around the start of the 2010 F1 season to capitalise on media and fan interest at that time.

Keep it here on SimRacingWorld, where we will keep you up to date with all of the developments. We are also planning to visit Codemasters in the near future to get a first hand look ourselves.

Don't forget to track and follow the game on our F1 2010 game profile, to post your comments below and on our forums, and you can also now follow us on Twitter!


It probably is out of an inlalsted sound setup made on a semi-custom basis for some household intercom/entertainment vendor. I doubt it's NuTone or any other biggie. Since it uses 807s they probably bought a bunch surplus. You probably won't find docs on it. I wouldn't lose sleep about parting it out, it certainly isn't collectible or historic in any sense. On the East and West Coasts there were dozens of these places. That's where you get the best buys on the Acro, Peerless and UTC LS iron, buy the whole setup cheaper than the transformer alone on eBay. Most of them are still in the house, often they drywall over the whole setup when they remodel, so they'll be there until the house is demolished. In the Midwest, most of those outfits bought off the shelf from the catalog houses, because Fair Trade wasn't so enforced. And the volume was lower, they didn't have the entire subdivision packed full of similar installs like out East until the seventies-after tubes were gone. – Kirmizi 29-Oct-2015
a standard Murcielago has less wehigt and more power than a standard R35, but the R35 is faster. not only in a straight line, but in the corners as well. the R35 is also more practical, as a saloon car it is comfortable, has a reasonable price, enough space for 4 full-size adults, has a reasonably-sized boot, has good fuel economy, packed with more safety features, etc etc. so yeah, at the end of the day other people have a Nissan and you have a big-ass Lambo. – Brenda 26-Oct-2015
. McLaren was also a bit quicker than us in the quliifyang. But I hope we can see similar to what we saw in the last race, that our car is operating much better in the race and then maybe the possibilities get bigger to fight these guys hopefully be even in a straight fight. Massa added that he felt having qualified more effectively was a further sign that he is making good progress as his form continues to improve. I didn't do a perfect lap, maybe with a perfect lap it would have been one or two positions further up, he said, but I don't think it would have been much better than that. I think it's important to have put the car in the right direction for the quliifyang, which is something that didn't happen in all the races for me. Starting in a better position definitely helps to use your pace from the beginning to the end. I hope tomorrow we can have a good start. The start here is always tricky at Turn 1, then you have a very long straight and then Turn 3 as well, many things can happen at. So it is important to be clever. Asked whether he was concerned about starting immediately ahead of Romain Grosjean, who has been under fire for causing first-lap contact with other drivers on several occasions, Massa replied: He needs to worry, not me, because he was in a bit of trouble at the starts. I think he has suffered already a lot with that. So I think he needs to be careful and he needs to understand how to do the starts. I will try to do the best I always try, whatever driver I am alongside I don't think that's important. I hope he understood all these problems he had at the starts. He is a clever guy and he is a good driver as well. It's not a difficult thing to learn and to understand. – Gilberto 04-Jul-2015
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