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Williams FW31 Coming To iRacing
Game News | iRacing | By Paul on 24 January 2010 00:00

It has been announced that the Williams FW31 Formula One car from 2009 will be coming to iRacing later this year. This will mean that iRacing subscribers will be able to race a laser scanned version of the car around laser scanned tracks - exciting stuff!

The car will cost $13 when it is released and a Williams F1 employee has been posting on the official iRacing forums - here is what he has to say: -

A Williams F1 employee who works on the teams simulator has been posting in the iRacing forums. His information on what the car will hopefully have and the data that iRacing is receiving is great. Obviously from all of us on the outside its pure speculation on interaction and data. Here are some of his comments:

Iím very excited about this, other than Geoff Crammonds GP2 this is the only sim/game I know of that will get the same level of technical input from a Formula 1 team. With the data that weíll be giving iracing it should be the first realistic sim of a modern day F1 car (instead of the games guesstimates)..theyíre getting the 3D CAD data.

If iracing go down to the level of detail Iíd like then weíll be able to:

1) have a movable front wing flap from the cockpit (as per the real car)
2) No KERs as Williams didnít run it (even though the wheel has a KERS button on it!)
3) adjust the Diff for entry/mid/exit
4) adjust engine torque and Engine braking
5) adjust clutch maps
6) movable brake balance bar (a must really)

With regards to the 3D CAD data, letís just say I know because I do!

Yes I am a WilliamsF1 employee

The reason Iím here is because of this announcement and Iím quite keen for iracing to make this the best F1 sim out there.

Well Iím not expert on iracing as Iíve only just started to have a play. When we spoke to the guys at iracing they seemed pretty enthusiastic to add as much as possible and if Iíve got anything to do with it then I hope they can add it all including exactly how the dash works! No doubt there will be some compromises because iracing wonít have the time to put everything in.

Iím lucky enough to work on the simulator and I get to drive it more often than our race drivers so I know how the car handles and what each button does, it would be great to see this in game (sorry sim!), because the Dash is now standard McLaren electronics each team has the same display meaning there is no conflict of competitive advantage being given to another team. I remember the days when I couldnít even say I was working on the simulator!
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