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More Details on WRC 2010 / 2011 Released
Game News | WRC 2010 | By Paul on 26 December 2009 00:49

More information has emerged about the new multi-platform Rally simulation due to be released in 2010, WRC 2010.

“From September next year we’ll be back in the gaming marketplace,” Duncanson commented. “We haven’t been there since 2005. For the rally fans, they’ve been short-changed. There is no definitive rally video game out there right now, so we’re going to come back with a bang, delivering the ultimate in off-road racing.

This will be all of the official cars on all of the official tracks, and because we own and deliver the timing systems and all of the satellite GPRS solutions, we’re able to give you the real version of rallying, delivered to your gaming platform.

The holy grail is to deliver a real, simultaneous live race experience where you’ll be able to go after Sebastien Loeb at the same time on the same stage, and compare your performance against his. In addition you’ll be able to have his live on-board camera footage integrated into the live game-play experience.”
Why not check out our WRC 2010 game profile for more information on this game, and don't forget to post your comments below, on our forums and follow us on Twitter!


Man, I've been waiting for a decent rally game since the ps2 rally games( i don't have a very good pc so only have rbr on ps2) i hope they get it right this time, no more arcade rallying – Bjorn V 19-Mar-2010
Awesome news! Sounds like they're on the right track so far and should make many many racers happy. As long as it has decent physics on par or better than Richard Burns. A few classic tracks hopefully Col De Turini, Corsica, ouninpohja. A few classic cars, AUDI Quattro S1, Lancia Delta, Ford escort and great support for the Logitech G25. Ill be very very happy. – Excited 23-Jan-2010
you have to put monte carlo in it i know its not in the wrc but the COL DE TURINI stage has to be the a famous stage and monte carlo is a famous rally.
PETER 23-Jan-2010
hope ireland is in it would be cool – cian love 31-Dec-2009
And please, don't forget the old and amazing Group B cars that we had on WRC Rally Evolved!!
Lancia Delta S4, Peugeot 205 T16 E2, Audi Quattro S1, Ford RS 200... the biggest rally cars ever made!!!! – Antonio Martins 28-Dec-2009
If this going to happen it will be amazing,rallying deserves a top game,lets hope this it i cant wait!!
Hope its got jwrc and pwrc as well,and my wish, the kit cars from the 90,s ie 306 maxi,xsara and zx kit cars,megane kit etc,Please. – Mark S 26-Dec-2009
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