Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
F1 2009 Released on Wii & PSP
Game Releases | F1 2009 | By Paul on 22 November 2009 16:42

Codemaster's F1 2009 has finally been released onto the Wii and PSP across the world, following several month's development. We've posted some new videos showing gameplay from the game, as well as a couple of launch trailers. Have you got the game? If so, post your comments about it below or on our forums.

PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 users will have to wait until 2010 to get their hands on a new Formula One game, when Codemasters plan to release F1 2010 which has been in development for quite some time now. We'll of course bring you content and news about F1 2010 as it becomes available.


for Wii U games.- Be more aggressive on the mranetikg.- Make sure I will have 30-50 games line up at the end of March 2013 in Europe.- Give up on the premium and deluxe package.- Increase the capacity of the HDD up to 250 Gb.- Make sure the game purchased on the Wii are transferable on the wii U (except for the US who are ready to buy anything we in Europe and the rest of the World we are much more clever when it comes to buy stuff).- improve the OS, and the time to fix it- remove that ridiculous 18+ ban content, let's the lazy parents do their jobs.- include Nintendo TVii in Europe.- Treat the European market the same as the US and Asian, especially for content and game.if I refer to the CEO of Nintendo America they already even on the manufacturing cost of the Wii U. So at first they will lose some money for the 1st quarter but the next one up to Christmas, the sale will increase due to the price being sees reasonable, game release flowing better. Bert – Alfred 14-Nov-2015
takatilt Hi, I get a lot of issues dviirng faster cars, like for example one of the ferraris I had to drive for a mission, its impossible to drive, its like dviirng on oil or something, and one little move to the left or the right to straighten out the car makes it turn out of control. Help Please, I've changed all the settings to the one above, and even made the steering sensitivity the lowest . – Ayesha 13-Nov-2015
cant wait tey get it!!!!!!!!!!! :D – shea mc closkey ladd kidd 12-Nov-2010
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