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WRC Game Confirmed for 2010
Game News | WRC 2010 | By Paul on 3 October 2009 00:00

Following earlier news about a new WRC game, we can now confirm that 2010 will indeed see the return of the WRC series to multiple platforms in WRC 2010, which is being developed by Milestone.

The official WRC game will engage a whole new audience for the sport and were tremendously excited at the opportunities to grow our fan base and the profile of the WRC. It provides a hugely powerful touch point for us in which to showcase the WRC to consumers, and it will be the most realistic and playable rally game of all time. We chose to work with Black Bean Games because they have a proven track record making top level games with the official license in two-wheel motorsport., ISCs Simon Long commented.
It is rumoured that the game will be fully iOpener-enabled. You can find out more on our WRC 2010 game profile.

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hope its not just ford and citron in the main championship also in other games i could,nt put my national flag or name on so that would be great also it would b great but unlikely if you could start from ur national champiuonship to the top carrrer wise anyways im looking forward to rallying game love the sport other games are boring the crap out of me at the mo i wish i couyld buy this 2morrow lol – jay 11-May-2010
make sure you put other makes from the years like put new makes in decide wat engine like the swrc or pwrc ot wrc or jwrc in the game – robert wrc fan 29-Apr-2010
hope theres a career mode that makes you go through the lower rally tiers – Anon 09-Apr-2010
belive it when i see it played every rally game made still play r burns on ps3 how sad is that bad reflection on the gaming worlds writers – davy 21-Mar-2010
feck sake october when the rally game is out thats a pitty cause im bored of the games around at minute, when ever i had rally games especially wrc i used never be bored of playing any good racing games out b4 wrc comes outr??????? – james ireland again lol 20-Feb-2010
Realistic, *and* playable? – Matt 12-Feb-2010
Many racedriwers is waiting for GT5. 1-2 month for waiting... – E A P 13-Jan-2010
really looking forward to it pls god it will be real life kinda rally like u can catch rthe car infront if hes not going well or has a puncher and also stoping to fix wheels all part of the real thing also coming ointo car that up in smoke like the last wrc game i had. be greatif theres a ireland rally and also i love coming into sqaure left or right i hate all 1 windddy road so lots of junctions oh good just yee know what i meant meke it like as real as it get . anyone know of a good racing game to get in 2010 b4 it comes out cause i only got me ps3 a few week ago and finding it hard to find a great racing gaME – james ireland 12-Jan-2010
online WRC is suberb – E A PRESLEY ewolved 05-Jan-2010
june god that long – feck 26-Dec-2009
Hi Guys, we have more information about the game posted at: -


It will be released next September. – PaulT 26-Dec-2009
Realise data WRC 2010 juni 2010!!!!!!!!!
Look at:
Black Bean Games Upcoming Games – Reint 25-Dec-2009
hii!! hoppe you guys make some real rally simulator!! something powerfull. something like real, like crashes, the destruction of the car, something dificult to get all adrenaline in the game. i cant wait any more for this game! sorry my ingles, im from portugal... 8{ so....... hoppe the game have the notes in portuguese to – rally_Fan 25-Dec-2009
great news but is the game going to be called wrc or is it in gt5 instead be great to just have a rally game and rally only:) – brian 23-Dec-2009
guys theres no release date anywhere here anyone have an idea were or when its released i can,t sleep thinking about it i want i want i wish it was 4 xmas but the sooner out the better and hope rally irelands on it. and i really love stages with alot of junction not just one road really boring like the fast and then really techeniol stages be great to have it now though anyone have clue when its out on sale guys?????????????:) – james irelad again lol 23-Dec-2009
I cannot wait to play wrc 2010. I have all the wrc games ps2.
A big fan of rally games from Holland – Reint 22-Dec-2009
i played every rally wrc game on ps 2 and i loved the online gaming now iv got a ps3 and im bored of the rubbish games like fifa and other sports cause i really love rallying irc wrc whatever i love it. so please make a wrc game in 2010 with rally ireland in it it would be great thanks – james ireland 21-Dec-2009
hello people!!
im a big fan of rally games!
i love the rally style of dirt 2 (im telling this because we can see others players runing and we can pass them like on the real world) im not going to beg for you guys do some thing like that!! but we all want you to do mutch betther!
and really hoppe wen the game cames out, came on multiples plantforms! like ps2, ps3, xbox360, wii, pc! thats a WORLD rally game! i think thats for all in the world to feal and play the most wanted rally game! wrc for some people its like a dream come true – paulo 21-Dec-2009
Finally !! i can kiss you guys
Have all the wrc games
ps1 ps2 and psp
thanx thanx thanx
greetings from holland fryslan – Spazz 19-Dec-2009
Finaly a real rally game to a console again.
Any info about the cars yet?
Is it some good old flashbacks to the Group.B cars and all of the other WRC cars throu time?
I cant wait to this come to the stores =)=)=) – Morten Olsen 15-Dec-2009
made on PS2 and Wii – bernardo 07-Dec-2009
I cannot wait for this loved Richard Burns Rally hope this is amazing do a good job guys please!!!!!! – Adrian 25-Nov-2009
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