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A new era
SRW Site News | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 8 March 2001 22:01

A new era has drawn on the F1GP/WC community, and once again this site is now finally moving again. Paul has given me access to the news, so I can update, and I hope to gain access to the files area, so I can upload files etc, etc. I should introduce myself, I'm Barrie Millar, and I've taken over the updating of this site in place of John who was the original host of this site. John did a great job, and I won't be able to improve on it. However, in later times, John has been too busy to commit time to this project, and therefore, has kindly dropped it in favour of allowing somebody with more time to update.

I hope to kick-start the current F1GP/WC projects and works. I myself am actively programming F1gpwced, the new and hopefully best F1GP/WC editor to replace great editors such as F1ed, and Gpeditor. Larry Watson has been too busy to help out recently, but he has promised to return and continue his efforts on this editor.

The track editor project of which I am a member has gone quiet of late, but I hope that won't continue. In light of the great information that was discovered, i.e, the CC line, and also the track backgrounds, I hope that a fully fledged track editor will finally be released. F1gpwced will contain some limited track editor support, but it will mainly be text based, at least at first.

Wim (Host of FOWSC) has told me he is willing to run the final race of the season, and I am twisting his arm to get him to do another season. I feel FOWSC is an important part of this community, and needs to be continued.

Now the 2001 Formula One season has started, I will try and continue John's work, and produce a 2001 carset just like John did for the 2000 season.

I am looking for voluteers to help out, and work on some of the many projects that are being run. Skills in C (C++), VB, and hex editing would be appreciated. Any files or useful addons for F1GP/WC are also welcome, mail them to my address (barrie@simracingworld.com), and I will get Paul to upload them until I get full access.

I hope this new era of this site will prove as kind to F1GP/WC as the last few years have been.


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