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Logitech G27 Review at SimHQ
Hardware News | By Paul on 18 August 2009 20:01

Our friends at SimHQ have posted an in-depth review of the new Logitech G27 steering wheel.

From the moment you crank up a racing sim and start driving with the G27, its build quality and operational refinement become stunningly apparent. The G27 feels and performs exactly as advertised — like an improved version of the already impressive G25. Wheel rotation is silky smooth, almost like a real car, with little shaft noise. Car control when cornering is very precise. The LED rpm/shift light array matched up perfectly with Race ‘07’s HUD tachometer, and looked really cool. The shifter, while still light to the touch, is firm and positive. The shifter’s stronger centering spring and tighter movement makes for fewer missed shifts. And the pedals — ah, the pedals — are very well adjusted from an ergonomic perspective. Quite simply the pedals rock, and I found that repositioning the pedal faces was not only easy, but also helped tailor the pedals to better accommodate my heel-and-toe technique.
You can read the full review here.


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