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Colin McRae: DIRT 2 Preview @ Rock Paper Shotgun
Reviews/Previews | Colin McRae: DIRT 2 | By Paul on 14 June 2009 10:53

Rock Paper Shotgun have posted a preview of Colin McRae: DIRT 2:

Matt Horsman, who is the lead designer on the project, put things into perspective: “DIRT was the basically the most authentic offroad racing experience of a couple of years ago. We added offroad racing classes from the US, official rallycross, and overall more variety so that a wider audience would be interested. With DIRT2 we wanted to increase the fidelity, and then look a bit more at what the Americans do with the X-Games, and the American Rallying Championship. In the US rallying is seen as the new extreme sport, and you’ve got people like Dave Mirra, the BMX champion, Ken Block, the skateboarder and snowboarder, all those kinds of guys, participating in the new rallying events. It’s new to those extreme sports audiences, even though the rest of the world has been rallying for thirty years. They’re using the same sort of cars, Subarus and such, but the open class is less restricted on horsepower than World Rally Car.”
You can read the full preview here and do not forget to view our game profile.


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