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Exclusive FUEL Q&A Posted
Game News | FUEL | By Paul on 9 June 2009 17:11

Today we have posted an exclusive FUEL Q&A with Asobo studios, the game's developers.

Do each of the vehicles have their own physics, and how does this change the interaction between the vehicle and the environment you can race in?

The physics of the vehicles is generally spread across the vehicle classes, although distinctions are made where called for monster trucks, for example, have bouncy suspension and the chance to catch a lot of air, whereas more traditional road-going rigs will stick to the tarmac but refinements are made across all vehicles in each class so that the player feels like they are driving a different vehicle each time. How each of the vehicles performs on different types of surface is also made distinct throughout each class some are better off-road than others, some excel at racing on tarmac, others are good all round so if you take a street racing car off road, you can expect to have a hard time keeping it in a straight line on a narrow dirt track.
You can view the extensive Q&A here. Don't forget to also visit our FUEL game profile, or to post your comments below and on our forums.


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