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Forza Motorsport 3 Preview @ SimHQ
Reviews/Previews | Forza Motorsport 3 | By Paul on 9 June 2009 00:00

SimHQ have posted a preview of Forza Motorsport 3:

1. It’s an absolutely GORGEOUS visual game. Astounding and breathtaking are the words that come to mind when you see the game in action. And best of all, the game now comes with an in-cockpit point of view. The vertical view of the dashboard stops about half way down the instrument cluster, but it’s still a very realistic vantage point from which to race.

2. The sounds are very, very good, especially the all-important tire sounds which convey grip status and compensate for the lack of seat-of-the-pants feel.

3. The physics felt quite good. As Chunx drove a 4 lap stint, Magnum noted some replay scenes in which the tire sidewalls clearly deflected under cornering loads. Those visual deflections are also part of the physics engine’s tire model, and are reflected in the handling of the car when cornering. That’s simply a superb touch for any sim, especially one made for the console. Power-on oversteer and under steer conditions were predictable and appropriate for the driving conditions, which is yet another good indicator of an accurate physics engine.

4. Unlike Race Pro (see our review), straight-line tracking and wheel centering were spot-on, making for very precise car placement during approach to braking and at turn-in. But then again, Forza 3 wasn’t being demonstrated with Microsoft’s Xbox360 force feedback wheel (more on that later).

5. Say racers, do you often find yourself spinning out in the middle of a race and stuck against the wall? No problem for Forza 3, which has lifted from Codemaster’s “Grid” racing game a feature called “Race Rewind”. Not a replay system at all, Race Rewind actually allows a player to go back in time to just before a wreck and replay the race from a happier time and place, hopefully averting disaster the second time around. This feature could also be used in practice to help learn a particular corner more quickly and efficiently than waiting an entire lap to take another run at it. With Race Rewind, a driver could simply rewind the practice lap to just before the braking point for a particular corner, and repeat it over and over until they found the best braking, turn-in, clipping or track out point. That will make for a fantastic learning tool — even if it was really meant to keep more casual racers in the hunt for a trophy.
You can read the full preview here and do not forget to view our game profile.


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