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Real Time Racing Beta Registration Open
Community News | By Paul on 9 June 2009 00:00

iOpener Media have informed us that they have opened their real time racing portal for beta testing registration phase, allowing gamers to test the new feature "iOpener enabled". This enables gamers to compete in real time against professional drivers on the track. The GPS coordinates of the original cars are transmitted into the game, and the technology can be installed into all games.

If you’ve got a PC and fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton then you could be just the person to join the Beta test for iOpener’s new Live play technology; “iOpener Enabled”. The revolutionary software will give petrol heads everywhere the opportunity to be among the first to race – in real-time – against professional drivers!

iOpener is looking for 5,000 of the world’s best race gamers to put it’s technology through rigorous testing beginning at the end of July prior to public launch later this year.

Andy Lürling Ceo of iOpener Media said, “We know that gamers and race enthusiasts have been waiting to be able to race against professional drivers in real time. It’s actually a very complicated thing to do but we’ve cracked it. Now we’re ready to put the technology in the hands of race gamers to see if they can break it.”
You can register on Real-Timeracing.com.


very interesting idea with a great potential.
two questions:
1. the "little" orange box for the cars seems rather big, e.g. too big for F1. I suppose it can be reduced in size in future?
2. obviously the sim has to correspond to the real thing, e.g. car parameters, weather, grip level etc. The sim should be calibrated against the real thing. Suggestion: let the sim drive a lap with real drivers inputs (available from telemetry) and calibrate the sims parameters in order to fit accelerations and lap time.
Rumpelstilz 11-Jun-2009
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