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New Need for Speed: Shift Interview
Game News | Need for Speed: Shift | By Paul on 11 May 2009 19:54

Kikizo.com got the chance to interview Jesse Abney on the new game Need for Speed: Shift.

Kikizo: We've heard this was actually going to be a GTR game released by EA as a GTR game, and then EA felt NFS needed to go into a different direction so it suddenly became a NFS game? Was it developed originally as a different game? Or has that always been the idea?

Jesse: Well you know, having Slightly Mad Studios on our side and seeing what their tech could do, it certainly just became a really easy win for us, seeing that they had a simulation racing engine, an enthusiasm for that kind of racing... at the time I believe they were working on a Ferrari game which is an interesting footnote for you to clarify [Editor's Note - that being the Ferrari game produced by Blimey! Games, purchased by Slightly Mad Studios in January 2009]. But what we also found was a better home with the tech platform for this version of NFS, and what Patrick Soderland found was a creative design outlet for taking his experiences as a race car driver, and hitting home in very unique feature set that was not being conveyed in a simulation sub-genre.
You can read the full interview here.

Don't forget to post your comments below, on our forums, and check out our Need for Speed: Shift game profile for more on this game.


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