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Will F1 2010 be the best F1 game ever?
Game News | F1 2010 | By Paul on 9 May 2009 00:00

Our friends over at VirtualR.net have posted a news article detailing a F1 2010 interview in the Official Xbox Magazine where executive producer Gavin Raeburn says that F1 2010 will be the "best F1 game ever".

“F1 games haven’t set the world alight over the last decade and we think that the sport deserves a game which really captures its excitement and glamour,” Raeburn commented.

Codemasters is planing on satisfying both arcade racers and simulation freaks, a mixed audience that will also be taken care off in the game’s planned online mode:

“The online component is as important as the single-player experience. Key to this is enabling people to find and play with the right people. If you’re an arcade fan playing F1 online you probably want to play with like-minded players in shorter racers, rather than end up in a hardcore sim session.”
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My friend who's dad doesn't work for codemasters ps3 f1 section says. You can do better than formula 1 championship edition. – Milosh 19-Nov-2009
In 2010 there will be a 2009 game. But... What about 2010? They'd finish f1 2010 in 2011!!! – No 30-May-2009
My fried who's dad works for codemasters ps3 F1 section says that there will not be a game for ps3 2009 until October 2010. If game is not finished by June, then they will abandon 2009 and move on to 2010, which he roumours will be the best f1 game ever for Ps3. – F1 2010 pS3 30-May-2009
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