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Codemasters F1 2009 details this week
Game News | F1 2009 | By Paul on 21 April 2009 21:54

According to Codemaster's forums, people waiting for news on Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) won't have to wait much longer as the company is poised to make a major announcement about the game later this week. It is speculated that it will clear up rumours about the game's release date being pushed back to 2010.

It is hoped that the news will also feature some screenshots for to give us a sneak peek of the game. Of course we will bring you all the details on Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) as soon as they are available here on SimRacingWorld.


J adore ce jeu tre8s re9aliste sur la F1 et il n est pas e9vident de trouver un jeu sur la fuormle 1 qui au niveau graphisme et vraiment en accord avec la re9alite9. Moi qui suis base9 proche de Monaco et connaissant tre8s bien le trace9 du circuit je trouve e7a bluffant ! – Christy 07-Jul-2015
DrosophilaGenus Hello,Thanks for following my sueiostggn and producing an F1 2011 article. I was indeed curious about your recommended Force Feedback settings for this game; my previous set up on this one was giving me some weird locking behavior on the wheel, and I couldn't figure out why. Somehow the new settings cleared that up. Thanks again!Regards,DrosophilaGenus – Meet 05-Jul-2015
Erik First of all, I want to thank you for your efforts here. You have made a great guide that aladery helped me alot. I can't get the wheel to work with Grid though. At first it wouldn't show up ingame. I googled a bit and had to change all the mentions of G25 to G27 in a key mapping XML file. I did this, and the wheel shows up in game. But the peddles still don't work Can't even get of the line now. Any tips/help you might have would be much appreciated.Btw, I have GRID on Steam. (not sure if that matters). – Stoyan 04-Jul-2015
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