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More F1 2009 Content Soon?
Game News | F1 2009 | By Paul on 28 March 2009 16:04

Now that the Formula One season is underway, it may be just a short period of time before we start to see more content and information released for Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game). It has been rumoured that the developers wanted to release information in the past but were stopped by the FIA until the new F1 season starts.

We've already got some track renders, lets hope that full blown screenshots will be making their way out soon. Of course we'll bring you all the news and information for Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) as soon as it becomes available on SimRacingWorld.

In the mean time, check out what we already know on our Codemasters Formula One 2009 (F1 The Game) game profile, and don't forget to post your comments below or on our forums.


SolidlyStated Thanks. I haven't played a Driver game since the very first one on Playstation 1. No plans at the moemnt for it, but if Ubisoft wants to provide a copy, I will definitely put it through its paces. – Kterin 29-Oct-2015
Erik First of all, I want to thank you for your efforts here. You have made a great guide that aredaly helped me alot. I can't get the wheel to work with Grid though. At first it wouldn't show up ingame. I googled a bit and had to change all the mentions of G25 to G27 in a key mapping XML file. I did this, and the wheel shows up in game. But the peddles still don't work Can't even get of the line now. Any tips/help you might have would be much appreciated.Btw, I have GRID on Steam. (not sure if that matters). – Ruslan 26-Oct-2015
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